Monday, January 5, 2015

long weekends = projects

We have been looking for a cab over camper for the truck for several years. When folks sell these things they want to trade all your appendages for them! 
Jari found one in Tucson several weeks ago at a basement sale price ... because everything fell through roof and the inside was a MESS! He took some photos before he started .... serious disaster. 

First ... the gutting. 
This hubby of mine is just the handiest guy around. He is much more a rough carpenter than a finish carpenter (and freely admits it) but this little baby is turning out quite sweet!

Since I took these pictures yesterday morning ... it already has a completely different look. He is working his way from the front to the back and making design changes as he works. 

I get to play with the pile of leftovers.  
He did cut one piece for me and then realized afterward that I had sort of taken off with a piece he was planning on using.
I have been working on making signs for the Winter Services craft sale. So fun!

We are changing the majority of the camper inside away from the wood look. It is going light in color. I found some color palettes on Pinterest yesterday, one of which I'm adding here. Not only for paint but cushion redos, curtains and all that fun stuff.

It is sort of making my senses tingle with anticipation. Ours, obviously, doesn't have the same space as the photo below but ... I love the look!

Show you more later. Jari has been spending long days out there working. It won't be long and we will have a nice little guest room out back!


  1. That seriously looks like fun! Can't wait to see the end result!

  2. I couldn't being to count the number of hours that Jari has spent outside, but it is looking fabulous!!