Thursday, January 1, 2015

phone shots

Christmas has come and gone.
That happens in a hurry every year and seems to go by quicker all the time.
It. Was. Wonderful.
The goodies are still flowing around here but we are having HAPs here Saturday nite so that should take care of those!

A few pictures from my phone lately. 

Does every house have one of these catchall places? The weather is chilly around these parts and the jackets and blankets keep piling up! 
Note that even the Carharts are out of storage this winter!

We spent the afternoon in Prescott last Saturday. Jari hopped on the quad and survived it while these younguns played a game I haven't played in years! 

A find in the bathroom this week. 

He's a good Finn. Asked me if I noticed the thumb print pushing the last of the toothpaste out of the tube. I hadn't. Had to go back and look again. 

Mr. Sebastian is moving! He finds the toy basket. Is hauling himself up along furniture and busy investigating. 

Miss. Tia lost her drivers license. Not as in lost to the state but lost to some "safe place". DMV time for the two of us on New Years Eve. I was going to try the kissy face thing, but she was getting embarrassed by my inability to even take a selfie ... let alone one with lip action going on.

We did go to a party after church last night for a little while and then came home. Up way too early this morning but we made some serious tracks around here today. Enough tracks that neither one of us are capable of moving this evening! I should have been taking photos of what Jari is working on. I'll get some tomorrow.

Christmas stuff is out of the house. This tree making business ... and the purchase of an artificial tree this Christmas ... added another large tote and a hockey bag to the Christmas stuff. 

While I was at it ... pictures moved around the house walls ... entertainment center and shelves moved ... 

Ham bone soup to warm the human bones on this chilly day. Delish!

And this evening ... when I can barely move my bones off the couch ...
the last of the prune tarts. 

Happy New Year to you!
I have no resolutions. 
I do have many goals for the coming year and am looking forward to meeting them ... one at a time!
May this year be one filled with health and happiness in your homes. 

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