Friday, May 1, 2015

the home office

is a wee bit cramped.
I will tell you that it has been a lifesaver.
I did keep the kids' mail bags 'cuz stuff just keeps showing up!
I really don't need the computer in there ...
I should just haul my laptop around with me.
However, that little beast holds all my music.
I can turn it on and have it singing to me in the rest of house.
It is probably just a lame excuse for being a packrat.
It is so old that I can't update the software.
It is handy for uploading coke rewards tho'!

The file cabinet holds what it needs to.
The sewing machine fits under the makeshift desk
along with the shredder and trash.
And this is where you'll find me every Friday morning.
Especially every other Friday morning.
Hiding in the closet.

I have to tell you that moving the office to the closet has been a lifesaver.
We've had a bit of company around here and this is my guestroom.
It is also my massage parlor.
Not the closet. The rest of the room.
I use to have to move everything out of the room.
Now, I might move that little metal basket into my bedroom if this one will
be unavailable for too long.
I can stack so much stuff into this little space you wouldn't believe it.
And then I close the cute bifold doors.
Hang hooks (awesome Dollar Tree purchases) on the outside.
Unroll the inflatable mattress, plug it in and hit the on button.
Get out the sheets, fluff the pillows and I'm ready for guests.
Other than being desirous of a few more inches of leg room ....
I love it.

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