Sunday, February 12, 2017

365: week 6

36/365: whole new love for Culver's tonite. Only one of us received the senior discount. I'm not going to ask which one of us it was!

Love Mill Avenue while the campus and city still sleep.

One piece at a time!

39/365: #dreaming

When you want the day to go by so quickly it feels like you've hopped into the New York time zone .. but instead it feels like you've gone backwards and landed in Anchorage.

It's been a framing kind of afternoon.

42/365: Done!! Some new and some old .. all ready for your shopping!

A few more little things on my to do list for the winter services craft tent. It has been a bit challenging to get to crafting lately. I have reasons for that. At least I think I understand what the problem is. Almost there!

By this time next week we will have been enjoying our company for several days and waiting for more. Love this time of year with dear friends and loved ones coming to town. Safe travels to all of you!

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