Monday, February 6, 2017

do gerbils breath to relax?

Lately this is what I feel like.

I am on the wheel and someone other than me is cranking it .. faster and faster and faster. 

I can't stop the wheel and I can't get off of it.

This past week I needed to start playing the organ faster. I know it is easier to sing in church when the music is a bit faster, but whew! To be honest I felt like I was running a race. Much of the music has been rewritten in such a way that it is challenging to play and I can't do  anything but move my fingers and hold on. Seriously felt like the keys were a track of a roller coaster and I was going to fly off at any minute.

Then there is work. I really do like my job. But .. there is a spinning exercise wheel going on there as well. One more form on top of one more form on top of yet another form. Same number of patients, same number of staff and many more things to do. The days seem like they get longer and the pace just gets faster and faster. Often I do the job of two people, but even this is getting to the point of ridiculous.

Faster to the point where I hooked myself up to the blood pressure cuff one day. If my blood pressure is high enough to have a stroke at work ... I may as well not go home, right? Just stay and shower there in the morning. All of this gerbil exercise wheel work must be good for me. My blood pressure is poster worthy beautiful. May as well get on the freeway with every other wheel spinning gerbil and see what needs doing at home.

Although my blood pressure is great and large portions of my life seem to be spinning out of control, it is all good. I am learning to breath. Pretty soon I am going to be so good at it I'll get a second job as a Lamaze coach or something.

I know that I'm not the only one feeling like this. Your wheel might be doctors appointments, school sessions, never ending cooking of meals (by the way .. there is a new drive thru Panda Express on my way home from work!), laundry piles that never end, driving people in your world to and from work/school, etc. We all have our own wheels. I could certainly make a list and tell you what is on mine. Trust me. You don't want a list.

How do you get to a place where you can enjoy something like this instead of the wheel? Even for brief moments of time in a day?

Although I would dearly love to experience this in a physical sense, I would gladly welcome this mentally. To be a in a place where the noise of the world's traffic isn't always humming in my head. The to do list could be a small post it note instead of a notebook. Things that are beyond my control would stay there and not be weighing on my heart and mind.

Onward and forward. This week is booked full. Every single day and evening until February 13th has something on my calendar. Just the thought of that sent my own wheel on the spin cycle. Breath, Anita, breath. Several years ago I was at a cardiology conference where Dr. Andrew Weil was on the agenda. To be honest, it's the only reason I went. He taught this stress relieving breathing technique. Check it out here. I've been doing the numbers all wrong, but it doesn't matter. Maybe holding my breath too long while I'm driving is about the same as texting and driving ... I just adapt and make a conscious effort to breath and relax.

Next week's to do list might have something on it like reduce outside traffic noise. I'm guessing that cleaning our social media to the point where negativity is gone would be worth many breathing exercises.

Until then ... enjoy!

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