Monday, February 20, 2017

crafting a few signs

Last week I finally spent some time making some frames and actually filling them! I might just be a little bit strange, but there is nothing like the smell of fresh cut lumber to make me inhale deeply. Well .. maybe a fresh tomato picked off the plant or lilacs in the spring.

I framed these differently than I have normally done and learned something in the process. It might be easier to do the cutting and putting together before finishing the sign part.

Either way, I prefer to mass produce. Mass might be overstating, but I whipped out 12 that weekend. The wind wasn't blowing, the clouds weren't hovering and the rain wasn't falling. It was an absolutely perfect kind of outside work day. I take my camping tables (well the guys' camping tables), cover them with heavy brown paper and get to work. I think as a I work. Do this first because then I can hit 6 with stain at the same time. That kind of thinking. Multi tasking is my gig.

Meanwhile, I also take over the kitchen with computer and paper. I don't have any fancy letter making equipment. I have a computer, a printer, tracing/transfer paper and paint pens. The bright side of doing it this way is that they start to look original .. those lines that aren't exactly perfect. The other shining brightness is that I usually keep the lettering once it is printed. Hence, I have a lot of them hanging around. Makes redoing one later a piece of cake. No strategic planning needed. Just a saw and some wood. That sounds much easier than it actually is. One also needs T.I.M.E. for these things.

I redid signs that I have done before .. perhaps different colors but the wording was the same. And then I did some new ones that brought smiles to my face.

I did this one pink for a reason. Girls can be so mean and catty. They don't always treat each other kindly. Maybe this can be a reminder and make another girls life a little sweeter.

be still
I just love the message from Psalms 46:10. Be still, and know that I am God.
I need more of that in my life .. that stillness.

These signs are not destined to stay at my house, they're all gone. I really don't have adequate wall space for them either, but I do have a mirror sitting above my piano that I draped the same message on. I want to try making some pompoms to add a little something extra to the mirror .. at some point in the future.

I'm happy to be enthused about doing this again.
Maybe I'm back.
I certainly hope so.

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