Tuesday, February 14, 2017

filling up the calendar

Several missions accomplished today!

First of all I sat in the parking lot at work this morning (seriously early like) and talked to an insurance company. Our agent is local and we just bought a new truck. I'm trying to decide if I like the security of a local guy or do I go to Geico and save money. Frustrating decisions. Anyone have Geico out there? Any problems with them? I told the guy on the 1-800 number to hold off. We are still working with a car accident I was a victim of ... (I didn't tell him that!) but at some point I need to make a decision. In the meantime I guess I stay local.

This afternoon I scheduled the dentist. Another quandary. I work Monday thru Thursday and don't take time off for things like doctors and dentist. If they can't see me on my day off .. I will find someone who will. And then .. I don't have a dentist I am in love with anyway. Haven't had that kind of relationship with a dentist for a very long time. I fire them nonstop. I made an appointment for sometime in March when I'm off. I've needed to visit them anyway, but Sunday I had one mega strength Tootsie Roll that ripped a crown right off. It was due to go anyway, but hello?!

I also scheduled the carpet cleaner. Can't handle looking at it anymore. I've done the rent it yourself thing and wasn't impressed. In Alaska I had my own machine and used it semi frequently. However, if all goes as planned and I have my own home at some point ... I'm not putting in carpet. Anywhere. So no use buying one of those do it yourself things. I knew I had the name of someone in my phone but haven't been able to find it. Today I started at Z and worked my way backward. If there was a name I didn't know in my contact list, I clicked on it. Voila! It worked! I only had to go to S to find a Steve with a "Carpet Cleaner" listed real small after that. Small enough it doesn't show up when you scroll. Scheduled him for this week. Oh is that going to feel good!!

And ... I dropped off my camera at Tempe Camera today! That has been on the list for a long time. Getting that bugger cleaned and spiffed up a bit on the inside. Let's see if I manage to use it a little more.

We have a calendar full for this month and, to be honest, this year.

We're hoping to fill some time in October with elk hunting.
I know.
You just went back and reread that didn't you?

If we get drawn ... and that is a big old if.
These 3 guys sat at the table Sunday evening and got us hunting/fishing licenses and put in for tags. Juha & Annette and Jari & I are being hopeful. For what .. I'm not quite sure. We're planning a couples hunting trip. I haven't shot a gun in over 20 years. I am not a hiker. I don't hunt. I've kind of halfway had it on my bucket list as a joke. We had some travel plans to work around but are hoping to go in October. I think we find out in April. That will give me plenty of time to learn how to shoot, learn how to hike, learn how to be quiet, learn how to .... go shopping for pink camo?

The weekend before we were talking about adding in another kayak trip this year. I'm guessing that hunting can't be any worse than hauling my water logged butt in and out of that water logged kayak over and over and over.

If you have any suggestions on what I should add to the post 60 birthdays ... let me know. The 50's are ramping up pretty good!

Oh, and I have an appointment scheduled the end of this month to see if someone can do something about this left side of my body. It is being a bit of a pickle. Have to get that into some kind of working order before too long. It is actually starting to be problematic.

I was reading Torm a minute ago and thinking I should set some February goals myself. I make lots of to do lists and then am so pleased when I can highlight them as done. I really should add 25 miles of biking to the list for the month. I'll let you know if I accomplish it.

In the meantime .. it's Monday evening (I struggle with Monday evenings) and my feet are up while I'm in a near comatose state.

See you later this week with some crafting stuff!

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