Sunday, February 19, 2017

365: week 7

43/365: 40 years apart and sharing birthday cake. Our kummi boy and a childhood friend.

44/365: This hubby of mine is quite awesome. Thanks for dinner!

45/365: He knows my love of flowers.

46/365: Happy 3rd Anniversary Alyx & Tarron!

47/365: Wyatt likes to retrieve paper from our printer for whoever is asking. Tonite Jari printed a picture of Wyatt to see what he would do. We hung it up on the fridge and he promptly covered his own face with magnets of the other boys. Wonder what he's thinking.

48/365: When the baby and the babysitter both fall asleep.

49/365: The princess in her palace.

... and another 7 days of life and living are recorded forever.

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