Monday, March 13, 2017

blankets for wee little luvs

I started making baby blankets for our little grandbabies when they're born.
I made them for all of mine .. well kinda.
They were a mishmash of maybe made by me but usually had the final touches by me.

I have a problem with self confidence and choosing fabric.
I see so many bright colored blankets that are so fun and I can't seem to manage it!
A walk through the fabrics at Joann's and nothing hits my fancy, so I settle.
Perhaps I need to start looking online.

Anyway, little Dominic isn't so little anymore and Friday I finally finished this!
He was born right before the fall market sale and let me tell you .. blankets weren't happening then.
And then it was prepping for Christmas and miles of sewing gifts, followed by the inability to get anything done at all.

The fabric finally made it's way to the cutting table and the sewing machine.
Not bright at all ...

but snuggly soft.
I've given up on the sewing minky.
I don't like to sew it and I really don't like it period.
I backed my own babies blankets with soft flannel and have decided that it's okay to continue.
Being as 90 degree temps are showing up this week ... the blanket is light enough to still use.

Being as my interests are all over the board, being an accomplished perfectionist in the sewing department isn't going to be on my list.
I have figured out binding as long as you don't look too closely.

I really want to try some machine quilting and was going to order a foot from Amazon.
However, I struck gold.
Last fall I took a sewing machine with oodles of attachments out of a cabinet to make it a drink stand.
Looking through those attachments I found just what I was looking for .. along with a few more things I've had a yen for.
No blue ribbon winning going on here, but it's a start!
My Pinterest boards are filling with quilting pattern ideas and I have the top part of a throw (sitting tucked in a drawer for a few years now) that is going to see some serious needle action. Hopefully sometime soon. I'll share .. if it is sharable .. when it does.

Spend some time this week doing something you love!

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