Sunday, March 5, 2017

365: week 8

50/365: Going to be a busy year.

51/365: Miles of scissor action to get some face chenille.

52/365: I lean toward murder/mayhem mystery books but sometimes I find myself in the pages of a story that I just have to share and recommend. #fantasticread

53/365: Check that one off the list before the busy weekend begins!

54/365: A stop for snuggles today .. and maybe some sugar sprinkles.

55/365: Refreshing and noursing.

56/365: Lovely lady laboring over lunch.

Almost through a very busy and exhausting weekend. So much fun to have Fred with us this year .. lots of visiting and solving the world's problems late into the evening. It is amazing how everything comes together with the willing hands and hearts of so many people ... year after year.

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