Sunday, March 5, 2017

365: week 9

57/365: Found some moments to visit with this man over the weekend.

58/365: If you can't have an A&W drive in .. drive thru dining might just work on the way from here to there.

59/365: The only dry spot of road on my commute early this morning. #rainrainrain

60/365: What a beautiful way to stat a new month .. listening to the organ played as it was intended by a professional who has incredible talent. May I remember a little of what I learned this evening.

61/365: When Fred comes to town. #nofilterneededexceptformymouth

62/365: For the first time ever ... walked out with less than I went in with. Returns obviously aren't my thing.

63/365: Love that moment when you take the first article of clothing out of the dryer, nicely spotted, and realize that your chapstick was left in a pocket that went through the laundry. #oopsididitagain

These might be a bit humdrum somedays but this is the reality of life here. Run to work, eat some food, do some laundry, hit a store here or there (hopefully there is food in at least one of them!) and smile at my dear hubby. Sometimes we smile at each other through delirium .. but lately we smile a lot.

My burger was eaten on the way to see Ernest Huhta of Naturale Alternatives. This was a first time experience for me and I don't know why I've waited so long. By the way, he was in town. I didn't eat my burger in flight or anything like that. I made a mistake and didn't drink nearly enough water afterward, even though I was told. I've done the same silly thing after an intense massage and paid dearly for it. Other than that ... I'm feeling so much better! In fact, so much better that I'm planning to go for another treatment in the next several weeks. I have a spine issue as a result of unguided gym activity years ago. Apparently, somehow I've also managed to tear a muscle in my tuchus that has led to scar tissue which is causing some nerve problems. If you know me ... I don't have time for that! There are things to be done in life!

So ends another week. My Monday evening dinner is ready to heat tomorrow after a long day for both of us. Hubby is at the Home & Garden Show all afternoon today. I'm thinking about a nap, but first car reservations and blogging. 

Countdown to a week's vacation is on! Four ... count 'em ... four days left!

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