Sunday, March 12, 2017

365: week 10

64/365: Wild game for dinner .. he's lovin' the taste of this particular breed of moose. #teethingbaby #developthosetastebuds

65/365: A quick stop at SAS today and I couldn't resist. I think the owner of this rig was at the counter buying all kinds of blingy fringe .. while holding her little pooch. Wonder where she is going to fit that .. the inside was as full as the outside! #imnotapackratafterall

66/365: #thepathtravelled

67/365: Morning hydration plan. #whonedsfoodanyway

68/365: 33,438/60/24 .. if my math is right this poor patient has been in the line for over 22 days. Wonder if they've eaten. #corporateideasthatjustdontwork

69/365: Blanket finally done for the nearly five (!) month old little luv. If I start another one now ...

70/365: Throwing it back a few days to a fun evening with a group of younger folks & introducing them to the Paivamies game.

Yup. Vacation is here!! It hasn't had the level of productivity I would really like to see, but isn't that the way life goes? There are plans and then there are the real days.

This last photo was taken Thursday evening. So much fun to have these young people over, visit with them and hear their laughter. Our home has been missing this. This group included kids from different parts of the country here for a few months or a week or living here. Here nonetheless. Have to do it again sometime soon .. real soon. Our hearts are glad to know who our daughter is spending time with and to know these young folks.

I have pulled a dumpster full (well not full but nearly!) of weeds in the past week. We have had a very wet winter and forgot to put down some preemergent stuff this year. Oh my goodness. Weeds and weeds and weeds. I think I might have them under control. The allergies not so much. I've not suffered from allergies in years. The last week has been challenging in that department. I'll bet there are new breeds of things blooming from all that rain!

There are some posts twirling around in my brain that haven't made it here yet. From anxiety and new beginnings to mourning and inactivity. Maybe in the next week I'll manage to put some of those thoughts into words when I have a moment or two of quiet. For the next few days though, I'm hoping to craft a bit before I taxi down a runway and head for mitten country. Then again, I might need to pack my sandals. You just never know.

This morning I'm enjoying a cool 59F with temps heading to 89 here in Phoenix today.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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