Friday, November 2, 2012

4:18 a.m.

and my eyes did the shoot wide open thing. Quickly reach over to check the phone (which is the source of both my clock and my alarm) and realize that my alarm is going to ring in an hour. I got up anyway. Apparently this body requires six hours of sleep to wake up on it's own. Good to know. By 10 pm last evening I was so tired I was feeling nauseated. Straight to the pillow. Today is looking like it will be including a nap. I don't work today. It is now 4:47 and I've already been filing paperwork this morning.


Last load of the dirty laundry (except bedding) is doing the final little spin in the dryer. Yesterday after work  I got productive in a hurry in order to enhance crafting time this weekend. First batch of pulla dough is in the bread machine ready to do it's thing. Love it when the brain goes off on a little blip and I actually notice it!

Last weekend Jari and I headed out of town for a few days with our friends Warren & Brita. We went fishing at Roosevelt and then up to the cabin near Payson. If there was a bit of heaven on earth ... we found it. I could move in up there and not complain about anything for a short while. The quiet. The peace. The cool. The pines. The sauna. That makes 2 saunas for me in 3 weeks ... I think it is a record. The company of friends in a place of utter peace.

Absolutely beautiful.
I almost can't even imagine the beautiful serenity of this place covered with a fresh blanket of winter white.

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