Monday, November 26, 2012

chalkboard and oats

I love chalkboard paint.
This weekend I finally cracked open the lid on the paint can and started making labels.
The edges of my labels ended up a bit feathered.
My edging in a room ends up the same way if I try taping.
It worked to my satisfaction and I was able to start labeling jars.
If I could have a kitchen with open shelves full of glass containers ... I might just swoon.
I am not a big breakfast eater and know that I should be.
I really am not a fan of oatmeal and know that I should be.
I am a fan of Pinterest and know that I probably shouldn't be.
It isn't all bad. Not all the treats are filled with sugary goodness.
I actually found a breakfast I'm enjoying!
Then there are the coffee mugs.
For some reason (I'm sure they were a cheap deal I couldn't possibly pass up)
I bought these huge mugs a while back.
They're too big for anything. Your coffee is cold by the time you get to the bottom of the cup.
This photo is a bit deceptive. It is even bigger than it looks.
What to use it for?

In order to make this easier, I took Ziploc bags and premeasured my dry ingredients.
Then I tucked those little bags into my glass Oats container.
I'm hoping it helps. Especially come Monday morning.
So into the cup went an egg which I beat with a fork and several tablespoons of water.
The contents of the bag which include about 1/2 cup oatmeal (I bought the industrial box from Costco that is not instant as the recipe indicated), 1 Tbsp brown sugar, dash of salt.
Throw in some berries .. mine were thawed out of the freezer.

Give it a stir in the cup.
No, I don't normally use plastic ware but it was handy.
Either that or the dishes were all dirty. Who remembers anymore?
Pop it in the microwave for about 2 minutes.
Experiment with what you like. I have doubled the amount of oatmeal but only
used one egg. I like 2 minutes of cooking instead of 3. I prefer a bit of crunch left in
my oats than complete sogginess.

Starts to look like I'm not really eating anything, doesn't it?
By the way ... this was Black Friday morning.
My goal was to not leave the house, rather move myself to the Sewing Room
and stay there for the majority of the day.
With a cup of green tea in one hand and the oatmeal in the other,
I headed to where rays of sunshine were streaming in the window.
My youngest cherub had been out Black Friday shopping all night long and was out cold.
Hubby was off doing something or another.
My book and I were scheduled to play.

I took one bite and remembered what I had forgotten.
We cool off coffee with ice cubes to get it in faster.
We cool off our oatmeal with ice cream.
Cool and creamy.

I did stop for a while and ran to shop.
There was no traffic. The parking spots were plentiful. The lines nonexistent.
I stopped at one store. I stopped at another store. I hit the third one.
I ran for the car and turned that steering wheel homeward.
Back to the Sewing Room.
Anna called my spare bedroom a Sewing Room.
Sounds good to me.


  1. The oatmeal looks yummy. Got berries in the freezer too. Might have to throw some in mine. What are you sewing?

    1. I'm really not sewing anything. :) The sewing machine is out because I was patching pants for a young man. I was making cards, cards and more cards. Really have an itch to be sewing as well, but my clock seems to only have 24 hours painted on its face.