Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

It is quite apparent that it has been a busy week.
Food. Family. Fellowship. Fun.
We spent Thanksgiving Day at our house with enough food to feed an army and no pictures no show for it, but thankful nonetheless.
Special thanks to all who joined us and made the day special.
In recent years (the older the kids get ... the harder it is to assemble them) we manage to attempt the Christmas card photo on Thanksgiving Day. It is about the only time I can manage it and have given up on any kind of photo shoot anywhere but in our yard. I've been chanting for the last several months that all I want for Christmas is a nice family picture. I'm dead on serious about that. Thursday we had the tribe in the same place. We had the photographers over for dinner (she won't have to cook for years if it gets me a family photo every year!) and we took a few minutes on the right side of the lens. I haven't seen the photos that Frans & Jenny took on their camera ... this one came off of mine.

 Brock was sporting a seriously fresh (as in about 2 hours fresh) new buzz cut.
Mom, I promise that the official photo is one without a hat.
These handsome young men would be my two sons.

These 3 beautiful young ladies my daughters.

Color scheme of clothing chosen by Anna, the one without a scarf.
Everyone had orders to wear what she chose.
She's been too busy to get her laundry done.
Love having someone else take over and issue orders.
I'm thinking before long they'll even add cooking the turkey to their list.


  1. Lovely photos of a beautiful family! Miss you guys!!

    1. I'm penciling in things on the calendar and working at the "Flags...." entry!