Sunday, November 18, 2012

Monday is coming .... ready or not!

Our weekend sort of went like this.
Thursday evening we had visitors.
Friday I baked and actually ran to one (count it ... only one!) grocery store, but I actually came home with a turkey. Whew!
Friday evening we attended a Thanksgiving dinner at the church. Sort of made me think I could now just order pizza next week, but I'm cooking because I love to. The meal was scrumptious delicious! These three guys did a bang up job doing dishes in the kitchen. Don't you just love how proud they look?! I'm thinking I have dishwashers for next Thursday. They may have to haul the dishes to the church, being as they got that dishwasher down pat, but it'll get done!

Saturday I threw some more pulla dough rising and headed out to find some yard sales. I was just working my way to WalMart for a few necessities, but found I could have hit sales all day long! They were everywhere. Found a few things and then headed home. Sometimes you just have to get a big ol' grin on your face. I knew that Brock was over and waiting for me to get home. He had mowed the backyard and hosed off the front .... and left his signature. Insert grin with giggle.

Among my sale finds on Saturday was a tote full of Christmas lights. Yippee! Those things just don't last forever and I was in need of a few more. We will be well lit. Tia was soooooo thrilled to get the sort job. Unravel them and see if they work ... or scrub the tile grout. Just kidding.

More baking to fill the afternoon. Our fundraising committee was doing a bake sale at church on Sunday. Baking ... baking .... baking. Incidentally, I think we did rather well in the earnings department tooday.

Half hour nap and then off to help Maggie celebrate a special birthday. Note babykins being swaddled by Caroline in the background. Jari was snapping pics, I didn't manage that so well. Fun evening but the old folks were a bit tired and retired early. Us ... not them.

Today was busy as well, but managed to squeak in a nap this afternoon for a bit. I was probably a bit too cranky this afternoon. Time to put the day to bed and start all over again in the morning.

Tomorrow we start another week. I'm hoping there is a day in there somewhere for puttering. I need a day of puttering. Sort of desperately need a day of puttering ... before I go completely nuts.

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