Sunday, December 20, 2015

in one blessed day

my phone needed to be charged twice. 
Probably cause there were so many sweet people around my world.

I spent the day in the kitchen all day Friday. Baked and baked and baked. Ready for some cookie decorating help on Saturday afternoon. And did I have the best help ever. 

Alyx and I were of the same opinion. The bottom right of the photo above won. Hands. Down.

The boys love music as much as their auntie does!

Our sweet daughter had a celebration of her birthday last weekend with friends while we were gone. Today she joined her parents for a lunch date ... and a celebratory birthday cake. I'm so very glad she is back in our home. 

About 1 minute of quiet book contemplation. 

Quickly followed by some investigation. They certainly have their favorites on Nana's tree. 

Jammies on and ready for a car ride to go look at some Christmas lights. But first .... a stop to see Papa outside. 

And where there are boys .... 

and a Papa who has tires .... clean went out the window. 

Alyx and I packed them into the car and headed out to look at lights. First stop was at a coworkers home. Wait 'til I see him on Monday!! Quite a grand display! Not.

The boys might be a little short to see out the car window and maybe not as excited as we thought they'd be. We did find one place that actually was making snow! These little desert dwelling boys don't have a clue what that stuff is!

The weren't nearly as thrilled as us bigger girls were. 

Tomorrow it is off to enjoy Christmas programs.

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