Wednesday, December 9, 2015

weekend in review

Score of the weekend was reading glasses. Mister is very picky about his reading glasses. He won't go in for an eye exam and as fast as he goes through these buggers I'm not sure he's ready for the permanent fixtures on his face. I do eye coverage on my insurance policy every other year. He is running out of time this year. Very. Fast. He lost another pair last week, so we ran to Walgreens to pick up new ones. And ... buy one get one free!! I ran through 3 Walgreens stores picking up what they had. We should be good through January.

He made it home from his weekend jaunt to Minnesota. I had a moment of panic attack this morning while he was in the air. Haven't had that happen for a long time. He landed safe and sound ... right back home where we want and need him.

Coins got rolled. In years past the bank required that rolled coin have your name and account number on them. It has been a while since I rolled money. In the past week ... we have rolled. As long as I don't have to pen information on each roll, I'm not giving money to Coinstar this time around. Coins are rolled, hotel reservations are made and I can't wait to breathe the ocean next weekend! I was sort of hoping for a further away ocean, but the close one will do just fine.

The Christmas tree went up and it doesn't even look like it needs decorations when it's dark and the tree is lit! I'll get to it. Sebastian helped a little bit on Sunday when he was over. It will get done before Friday.
The cinnamon ornaments are hanging again and it isn't as aromatic as last year was. Photo coming ... I hung them differently this year.

Christmas cards are done. Can you say hiphiphooray?!
My list needs some updating and am missing addresses and know that I'm missing folks. This every other year plan of mailing out cards has its challenges. People just keep getting married and moving and all that. Of all the nerve! They're out there living life and messing up my neat little organized lists. It's so fun!

Part of the Christmas pulla is in the freezer.
Another batch of zucchini bread is baked and in the freezer for a bake sale.
Christmas gifts are wrapped, packaged and waiting for a Wednesday morning post office jaunt.
I think I am done Christmas shopping.
This is the first time in forever that I am not hanging one Christmas stocking in my home.

My lunch is packed and the coffee pot is ready for morning.
I start work an hour late tomorrow. However, if I go in an hour late then traffic becomes a nightmare.
So, the tripod and camera are going with me to maybe capture some lights on Mill Avenue in Tempe.
If I sleep in ... then I'll go without them.

Have a great week.
I'll be back with some ornament crafting ideas for the kiddos later this week!

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