Friday, December 11, 2015

twirling cords

Last weekend while I was wandering from one little project to another, I finally got the lint cleaned out of the blow dryer.
While I was at it, I remembered this little cord tip that I saw on Pinterest or somewhere equally time consuming.
I have several cords in my life that drive me nuts. One in the bedroom that plugs into my Bluetooth and another in the car that hooks my audio books to the car's sound system. Both have incredibly long cords that just get in the way all the time.
Blow dryer to the rescue.
I took the cord and wrapped it tightly around a spoon handle. The first one I did around a smaller diameter plastic spoon worked better. I don't know if it was the diameter of the spoon or that of the cord. After the cord is wrapped you hit it with some high heat from the blow dryer. I don't know how long I did it, probably several minutes. Both sides were heated, while wishing I had just one more set of fingers to work with! When it was nice and warm, I set it on the counter with my ever present coffee cup to weight the cord ends and keep the coil. Let is set until cool.

And after it cools ... voila!!
You have a completely different color and texture of counter top!
Quickest and cheapest kitchen remodel you ever did see in your life.
Actually, you have a coiled wire that will hopefully stay that way!
I'm a much happier driver now. I can find my plug without diving under the seat to look for it.
I sense a much more peaceful drive to work and home.
I might even cease to care that it is snowbird season and they have added at least 10 minutes onto my starving, dinner time, end of day commute.

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