Sunday, December 27, 2015

A belated Christmas Wish

I was on top of things this year. The post office run (except for one small package) was made very early in the month. I ordered Christmas cards and then ordered more Christmas cards and still didn't have enough. I am doing the guilt free every other year Christmas card wish.

So, belatedly, from our home to yours .....

we hope that your Christmas was blessed, healthy and happy.

We were able to spend Christmas Eve with our daughters and their families at our home. Traditions are important to me, yet the ability to adapt to changing lives and new traditions is also important. And as much as I'd like to have all of my children under my own roof at Christmas ... Skype is our new friend. 

This Christmas Anna had suggested that we share Christmas morning breakfast at one of our childrens' homes. I said "you're up!" She was a bit confused. Alyx and Tarron were going to Chino Valley to spend time with his family and that left her. Our boys are across the country and not easily reached for Christmas morning breakfast.

And I think that a new tradition was born.

I love cooking and feeding people. Don't ever think it is because I have to. I want to. I love to.

I'll gladly give up the Christmas morning breakfast making to just bring the orange juice.

Even that tradition may evolve into something else as the years go by. As long as I can have Christmas Eve dinner served at my table on the china dishes that I ate off as a child .... we are very adaptable!

May the rest of your time off this holiday season, if you're so fortunate, be as peaceful as my Christmas evening was. Bathed in the soft light of the season. Feet warmed by the bestest ever slippers (thanks kiddos!) a toasty cup of coffee at your side.

May your New Year be filled with days of beauty and gladness.

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