Thursday, December 17, 2015

supposed to be

finding fifty on a friday.
forget it.
i really don't have time for that.
if it requires too much thinking ... it ain't happening.

the silver lining in this particular cloud is pure silver.
i imagine being bored and having nothing to do.

that gives me the downright shudders.

so last weekend jari and i went to california.
we spent the afternoon on friday at the mall instead of the beach.
i even convinced him to go to a massage place inside the mall.
he was hurting (in a good way tho') for several days after that.
the wind was blowing in such a way that i thought we took a detour and found alaska with its glacial winds.
downright chilly.

i spent two days in class.
the first day was painful.
i don't sit well or long.
and i sat.
and i learned.
and i can't wait to put it into practice.

otherwise, we just spent the rest of the moments together and enjoyed it.
no beach.
maybe next time.

the christmas tree finally got trimmed.
at one point i decided that i didn't care if the ornaments joined the tree this year.
sebastian decided to help me out a little bit.

he was of the opinion that all ornaments belong underneath the tree.
perhaps he thought they were suppose to join the gifts.
who knows what goes on those little minds.

check out the hand action ... things were flying ... literally.

it is thursday evening.
one week to christmas eve.
the oven is cooking up some pulla.
the fridge has cookie dough chilling.
a run to the grocery store in the morning for a few more baking items.
and it will all be done in the next few days.

in the meantime, christmas music has been filling the air this evening.
i'm typing by the light of the christmas tree.
well ... maybe by the light of the screen on my 'puter.

it feels so good to just sit a spell.

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