Friday, August 24, 2012

cookies for lunch

I haven't made a school lunch in forever. Occasionally I get on a good roll and make my lunches for work, but that is incredibly sporadic. Lunch packing has always been a challenge over here. While I was at Mother & Daughter Camp several weeks ago, I managed to get in on a conversation about premaking and prepackaging lunches. Thanks to Caroline ... I am giving this a whirl. Probably not for me, but it will certainly help out a few of my offsprings.

Yesterday I had a short day at work and decided to make some cookies when I got home. I typically don't use shortening for anything ... but rather than using all butter (as I much prefer to do!), I used the trusty Pampered Chef tool and filled it with my shortening. Pushed that bugger up and plopped it in the bowl along with the butter and sugars. On to the adding and mixing. At some point I realized that the mix in the bowl was a wee bit on the wet side. Argh! 1 cup of shortening instead of 1/2 cup had gone into the bowl. Double the recipe and go for caloric intake. I usually don't put butterscotch chips in anything either. I'm not really fond of them. But may as well clean out bags in the cupboard so in they went along with the chocolate.

 And yes .... I'll still eat them!

On to the bagging. What possessed me to buy lunch bags without zippers on them is beyond me, but they worked for this new experiment of mine.

I bagged 3 cookies into each bag, tied or zipped them closed and stacked them in the freezer door. And yes .... a double batch makes a few more than this. The rest are out in the freezer garage. We should be good for weeeeks!

Now all they need to do is grab a bag and plop it in the lunch box.
Alyx is going to test the freezing of peanut butter jelly sandwiches when she goes to work tonite. I've got one of those freezing right now for her. Next we'll try the meat and cheese variety as Brock prefers those in his lunch!

Today it has been a lazy kind of day. Maybe not lazy, but I feel like I'm not accomplishing much of anything. The head is slogging from too much coffee and not nearly enough water. The pool got cleaned, the lawn mowed, a trip to Goodwill done with Alyx. We found a few goodies there which was fun!

Being as it has been so hot, the pulla baking has been nonexistent. When it hits 115 ... Schwan's gets my vote. However, it has been below 100 all day today and then I was treated to a sky that looked like this.

I promptly ran for the pulla ingredients after confirming with my dear hubby that we can stay home this evening. Pulla dough is rising and guess what? The clouds went elsewhere and the sky is blue. Maybe tomorrow we'll see some more rain.

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