Friday, August 31, 2012

oh, do I love friday ....

especially when I'm not going anywhere for the weekend.
When there aren't appointments to run, just a life to straighten out a bit.
Start with the mail pile, move on to juggling and guestimating PTO balances at work,
kitchen mostly spiffy, and on to the fun stuff.
I've probably said this a milliion times, but grocery shopping is
just not my favorite thing in the world to do.
However, sale shopping ranks very high on my list.
It took me a little bit to get back into the groove of cash and sale shopping after
being gone for a while ... but I'm back in the mode again.
Back to this morning ... ads, coupons (I really rarely use them) and the menu plan.

Often times the menu plan goes by what is in the cupboard or the freezer and what I'm in the mood for. Just because pork was on sale last week didn't mean we ate it. I bought it. We didn't eat it ... yet.
That seems to be the way I roll over here.

I'm not carting little people around so it is much easier for me to do this.
I ran through 3 grocery stores today and grabbed the sale items that I wanted.
Jari wanted to come along when I was leaving.
Me: Ummmm. You do realize that I'm bopping in and out of 4 stores?
Him: Oh. Guess I'll stay home.
I actually went to 3 stores, came home to unload, picked him up and went to Costco.

We all come to a point where we're sick of cooking the same thing and have a problem coming up with something new. This calendar thing on my wall really does look like a calendar. The weeks look like weeks and have 7 days going across. Just making sure you don't think I've completely lost it over here. I sort of filled in the overall plan. I have had a moment or two where someone will actually start cooking something from seeing it on the board. You never know when that might happen, so I'm going to try using this system again. In all likelihood, on Monday I won't feel like making what I had on the plan and will want it on Thursday instead. There might be a night where there are no kids home and the meal plan dwindles into soup and a grilled cheese sandwich or an omelet. That's the way it goes over here. Note that my grocery budget does not include things like salmon and halibut. Those are stock piled in the freezer. Yippee! The rest of it ... it's all accounted for I think.

I didn't make it grocery shopping until late this morning, but had time to push my special little mower around the yard, pick up trash back there (read that dog stuff) and clean the pool. Yes, I know I have kids. I just don't sit easily or well when there are things to get done. My lawn rake has apparently had a bit too much sun. When every swipe of the rake yielded a few more broken off ends ... I called that little piece quits and moved on to the plastic bags. One as a glove and the other to hold the accumulation.

Quits in the raking department. I did notice that the handle is incredibly long, straight and begging to be remade into something other than a rake handle. Not today tho. Other projects are screeching at me and the house is empty again for the next little while. Alyx is working, Brock is at school, Anna is gone to Lake Powell (read weeping with jealousy right there) and Tia is off babysitting.

I think I'll take a nap and dream of ideas.

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  1. I love Fridays! It has always meant the start of a weekend full of visiting :) (read that I am missing that!!) I have never been into couponing or hopping from store to store. And now here my only options are SAMs and Safeway. But now that Safeway has their handy app to automatically download weekly coupons, weekly sale items and personalized savings onto the Safeway card! Pretty slick, I download them all onto my card, turn it into a shopping list and I am good to go, shopping like normal, but now I get the savings!:)