Wednesday, August 15, 2012

mother and daughter camp

where the air is cooler, the sun feels warmer and I was able to wear a jean jacket for an hour.
Maybe two hours. I sort of lost track of time.

Tia, Anna, Aimee and Bethany rode up to camp with me on Friday. Tia said it was the funnest ride she has had up there. We took the car and let me tell you .... it was a barrel of laughs. The car sort of had a mishap last winter and when there is weight in the back seat (never mind the trunk was full) the passenger side rear tire rubs on something at every dip or bump in the road. Aimee probably needs a chiropractic adjustment after riding on that side of the car. We could probably rename her Angling Aimee. That was all before we hit the camp road. I've been driving the truck up to camp ... not the car. Since the last time we were there it rained a great big gulley washer and we had some serious ouch moments for the bottom of my car. We made it and I'm so glad these girls came along .. even if three of them ditched me and came back a bit earlier.

We were able to enjoy flag raising and Morning Devotion on Saturday outdoors. The sun was bright enough that some of us found shade to sit in. Presentations for the remainder of camp were held indoors. We had good reminders and I wonder what all those little girls took home with them. I am always amazed that so many of these young people aren't scared to get up in front of a crowd of people and put together a rip roaring howling skit. They aren't afraid to speak when a microphone is put in front of them. I would have turned 59 shades of red and not been able to open my mouth at that age! 

I just love the peace of this special place. Visits around coffee cups at night and water bottles during the day. Friends to share our journeys with. Friends to help us ..... from great tips on packing kids' lunches to sharing the joys of being mothers and daughters. Sunshine filled weekend capped off by a good bout of rain.

Not that I'm counting or anything ... in about 23 days, 2 hours and 29 minutes I can head back up there again. I wouldn't be anxious now, would I?

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