Tuesday, August 28, 2012

per your request

... and our discussion several weeks ago ... I did it!!

Notice the left side of this page.
It now lists something called Out & About in Arizona.
Back when I actually carried a calendar in my purse it was highlighted in different colors.
I really don't remember, but it went something like this:

Blue for school
Red for appointments like the dentist
Yellow for church activities

I would also add fun things like a Peach Festival here or an antique show there or a parade somewhere else. Sometimes we made it to these things, often times we didn't. I always dreamed of making it to everything and life just seemed to interrupt that process. Dreaming counts for something!

One thing that is sometimes a challenge is figuring out where to take the family on a days outing.
The challenge becomes even bigger when every place seems to have a price tag involved, namely
the price of admission to a museum or the like. So, in my list making I've left off many of those kinds of things. I'm sure there are numerous things out there to go and experience .... I've added just a few to the sidebar. I have to tell you that I don't even know where all of these places are. That may make it worth the journey itself. To go out and discover something new. Some of these places may not charge admission, but I have a feeling it might be cheaper than all the Fry Bread and Funnel Cake you may end up chowing down.

If I can manage to make it to even one of them myself, I'll definately let you know!

If I run across something else going on somewhere I'll add it to the list. If you hear of something, let me know!

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