Wednesday, August 29, 2012

when you travel

What sits by your feet on teh floor of the front seat of the car?
Does anything sit there or do you have room to shift in your seat when the road gets long?
Not me.
I can barely find enough room to plant my feet on the floor.
There is usually a bag of some sort, a purse and sometimes even a backpack.
I really wish I had a picture of reality for you.
The bag is always filled with magazines from the pile that has grown at home.
I have a few favorite magazines and usually don't manage to sit down and read
them when at home, but they're great on a car trip.
I still feel horrible about doing this, but I actually pitched some in a trash can
outside a gas station on our Minnesota trip. Done and gone.
See how the pages are folded in half?
The fit better in the side pocket of the car door that way.
I page through the magazines and rip out pages of things I like.
It might be food. It might be an idea for crafting.
It might be a website that has something fun.
It is whatever catches my eye that day.
My version of Pinterest. I've been doing this for a long time.
After I oohed and aahed at something while Jari was driving,
he wanted to see what had caught my eye.
He asked me to save the page!
Me thinks there might be hope for some joint crafting someday.

Mondays at work are a bit painful. Getting the brain ready for a 4:30 start in the morning after
a weekend of staying up late just causes a serious challenge.
This evening I put my feet up, grabbed the piles laying around here and managed to
load up the rest of the recycle dumpster!

Maybe I especially enjoy flipping through pages because I can pick and choose what I want to
take away with me. Like having cake for breakfast and losing weight while doing it.
If you know me at all ... I'm all about that!
There are also the photos and quotes that call out to me and
echo the sounds of my own heart.

And being as I worked today and did make dinner ....
some feet up time was definately in order.

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