Wednesday, August 8, 2012

sea breezes

My house is full again.
School started today.
I have no computer time.

I am going crazy needing to share some photos with you, so gave in to using the Instagram ones off my phone from this past weekend. I'll eventually get around to the others. I promise. Sometime after my scrapbooking program quits freezing up on me. Read that as serious frustration. You have 30 minutes and spend it fighting with computer software. Not good.

Last week Jari got home on Tuesday from his Alaska journey. I was at work when they pulled in and didn't get home 'til late (at least in my books!) that day. Sometime during the day he texted he and asked if I wanted to go to San Diego for the weekend. A serious what?! He had just taken his buns off the car seat after traveling something like 4,200 miles and he wanted to go drive again?? I'm starting to think the man has some issues. 

What would you say?

We left Friday night, sharing the weekend with Frans & Jenny, and came home Sunday evening.
I know we run a lot.
Some folks might even call it excessive ... and somedays when I'm yearning to just veg on the couch I might agree with them.
However, we have not spent a weekend away by ourselves in at least 5 years. I'm guessing that the last time we did that was a trip to Seattle for Eric & Rosella's wedding in August of 2007. It was long overdue.

Imperial Beach

Smoothies in La Jolla

Cigars at Seaport Village

I hope we don't have to wait another 5 years to do this again.