Thursday, August 16, 2012

shoo fly ... now go away

It has been so beastly hot that even the flies are trying to head inside.
And, despite the fact that we don't have littles running in and out, they're managing.
The shade of the patio was starting to feel like the backside of the barn,
with more fly shooing than north country mosquito swatting going on.

Recently I had pinned this on Pinterest and figured I'd give it a try.
I've been avoiding walking into WalMart or Target so am out of Ziploc bags.
For some reason, I have a box of gallon size bags with ties sitting in the drawer
taking up space so I gave it a whirl.
Each bag is filled with water (I probably overfilled them) and I added 5 pennies to each.
I have no clue what the pennies are about, but I saw one place where they added
one penny to the bag and another place where they added 5 pennies.
Being as our change jar is a bottomless one, I figured I could stand to part with 10 pennies. 

I hung a bag at each end of the patio in the heat of the afternoon
when it was probably 115F and expected instant results.
It took until the next day.
The flies were not giving in easily and it was much cooler hanging out on my clean laundry,
under the cover of shade, than flying off somewhere else.
The second day, and since then, I usually have one fly keeping me company.
I'll take his company.
His entire relationship took off and left him behind.
He's probably lonely.

Apparently, the reason this works is that a flies eye is actually
hundreds of eyes and they don't like the reflection of light.
Whatever the reason ... I'm grateful to Pinterest and this website (from where it was pinned)
 on natural fly repellant that has given me peace while enjoying the summer outdoors!

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  1. Who would have thought that a bag of water could repel flies! Wonder what they do for roosting pigeons?