Friday, October 12, 2012

not just coffee

for this gal lately.
these friends who come to town and then visit with other friends.
then those other friends come and visit with me.
are you lost yet?
while visiting they share stories that somehow involve vinegar and back fat.
notice that the story doesn't involved anything four letter beginning with a d.
i really can't abide those things.
they work great for some people.
i've seen fabulous success with the hcg diet and weight watchers.
i'm just not so good at controlling what goes into my gullet on a regular basis.
i figured i'd try this out.
the benefits of green tea, vinegar and honey are probably well known
or easily found online.
if it also involves losing a little back fat along the way ....
i'll give it a whirl.

1 cup of hot green tea
trust me on this. you do not want to drink it cold unless you're really courageous.
1 tsp braggs apple cider vinegar
1 tsp honey
stir together.
drink quickly before it cools off.
mom told me the other day that she spent some time drinking tablespoons of vinegar
every day and it did nothing for her cholesterol.
i happened to have labs drawn last friday so i have a starting point.
if i can remember to drink the stuff past the first week or two ...
there is a slim chance it might become a habit of some sort.
i might even lose a millimeter of back fat.

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