Friday, January 4, 2013

1:52 Winter

I am starting out this year with a project called Fifty Two and sharing this
adventure with a group of blogging friends.
 Our goal is to challenge ourselves and our cameras.
Each Friday we will have a circle of links to each others blogs.
Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can manage
this because it is going to be quite a challenge! Not only with managing to get
the assigned photo taken, but to get it uploaded and ready for Friday.
Tonite, as Murphy's Law would have it, for the first time in 6 years I can't
upload a photo from my computer to blogger.
Maybe I've messed up something in my settings, or perhaps Google has
a new policy this year that has escaped my attention.
Today's photo is Winter.
My house is littered with blankets.
We all love to be snuggled underneath them all winter long.
On any given day when the air is cool, you'll find all of us
buried under one or two.
Please take a jaunt around our circle and see what the everyone else
sees in their winter world today.
If you're starting here .... head on over to see Maaret found to photograph!
We look forward to seeing you every Friday!

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