Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A weekend chalk full of activity

Maybe it was an entire week of busy!
A few snippets of a busy few days.
Last week Wednesday my sister Becky, niece Debbie and great niece Chloe, came to town to do a Photo Workshop over the weekend and enjoy some sunshine.
So .... Thursday evening some of the adults went out to eat while the littles hung out over at our house. Back over here for dessert afterward. Someday I'll share the dessert recipe with you. Pure yummy and divine simplicity. My floors have seen a few blocks over the past few days!
Friday I headed into the office (so nice to have my own little space) to work on a paper for school. Kind of stinks when you need references for something you can only access online at work.
Home for several hours and then we headed up to Prescott. Anna & Wylon were up there before we were and had to leave early to attend an event in Phoenix that evening. Jari, Tia and I stayed there for a fun filled evening of visiting and good laughs.
 (Wonder if she will link this blog post on her FB site!)
Congratulations to Tiana on completing high school!!
Saturday had me headed to a Photography Workshop for the day. So glad I went. I've been very fortunate to have many photographers who understand things like F stops in my world. The only problem is that I have issues with absorbing that stuff. They all know it. Frans starts explaining white balance to me and I'm glazing over before the second sentence is completed. It is just bad. I take solace in the fact that there are some things I can do. Manual settings on the camera just seem to befuddle me completely. The workshop was awesome and now I need to practice, practice, practice.
Please excuse my indoor flashless manual photography. I'm learning.
The photo below is not of any good quality, but one of the things I learned (and retained) is that it is more important to capture the event than that your photo be perfect.
The photo on the big "screen" happens to be my most charming and handsome youngest son,
shot by his aunt who was teaching in this segment of the day.

My picture is from the wrong angle with way too many shadows that aren't Rembrandt ....
but this beautiful neice and godchild of mine was such a willing subject!
(I almost called them Michaelangelo shadows! This memory thing is something else.)

Home for a few hours ... time enough to get some good ol' Minnesota ring noodles cooked for a meal on Sunday and get the cake layers baked for taytekakku. Then off to the church to make more of that scrumpdelicious dessert for coffee following a discussion.
Sunday we had the houseful for lunch. If you need a pulled pork recipe, I've got a good and easy one. Becky whipped up the salad. We sang a rousing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy who celebrated the last of the 40's birthdays he's going to have. We ate piece after piece of taytekakku. We visited. We played a game or two. We just enjoyed each other's company ....
the geting older ....

the young and the much younger ....
and the siblings.
I think this is at least the 3rd time this year that we have shared the same close space!
Happy. Days.

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