Friday, January 11, 2013

2:52 Getting Real Close

I thought about hiking up a mountain that is just down the street.
I might get real close to the top if I tried.
I didn't even lace my sneakers, that's how brief that thought was.

I thought about dead end roads.
I thought about quilts that aren't completed.
I really thought about all kinds of things.
There was something much more pressing going on at this house.
My family really doesn't like store purchased jelly or jam,
they like home made strawberry freezer jam and the
bottom of the container was

Getting Real Close

Warm up that coffee you're sipping on and head on over to see Keilah in Flagstaff!
Thanks for stopping and hope to see you next week!


  1. I keep telling myself I will try that jam some day.

  2. I love your ideas on getting really close! Very clever!

  3. If only we could put off those moments when we know we're getting really close to having to do something, whether we like it or not. Kind of like my Friday's when I can't wait to hop on here and do the circle, but the clock is ticking closer and closer to the time the bus comes and I have to get the kids out the door... Happy Jam Making! :)

  4. We love homemade strawberry jam too! Sometimes we get past really close and run out. Then we have to eat Grape Jelly til I get some more made again!