Thursday, January 3, 2013


Do you love stars as much as I do?
I would prop a metal star in every corner if I could, but I can't.
I don't even have one metal star!
I made some 5 pointed stars before Christmas (that day when I really could have been
doing something a bit more practical and productive) and I think I've faked out everyone.
They all think they're metal.
So here goes if you're interested.
I bought 4 sheets of posterboard at the 99 cent store for $2.
This is what the back of one of the 5 point stars looks like.
I used a template to make a small star and then enlarged the star to the size I wanted.

Folding the 5 point star is probably a little more challenging than a 6 pointer
and I had another piece of poster board left over so .....
I printed off a 6 point star template off the internet.

The 6 point star template was laid on the posterboard and then enlarged.
Cut out the enlarged star.

If you're doing a 5 point star, you need to find the middle of the star and fold into the middle.
If you're doing the 6 point star, you fold across the star going from inside to inside.
Don't fold an inside to an outside point.

Then you fold the other way.
You want the folds that pop out going from each outer point to the center.
I use a wooden butter knife (or whatever works) to press the creases to be crisp.

I wanted yet another silver star, so took my paper outside and laid it in the green grass.
I liberally sprayed it silver. Rustoleum Hammered Nail is what I have in the closet.
Use whatever works.

Once it is dry it should look like this.
Mine looks like there are black lines at the creases. There are.
I ran a sharpie around the edges and down every crease before I sprayed it.
Only because I wanted some dark in those areas and I don't have anything that will
easily ink them after it is sprayed.

Out come the sanding blocks or whatever sanding device you have. Paper works just fine.

Gently hit the star with sand paper. I wanted the black to show through the silver a bit and really
don't want a polished look. I want it to look a bit old.

I did black stars before and they look a bit warn when you give them a bit of sanding at the edge.

I used poster hanging sticky things to hang them on the wall.
They're only small pieces of poster board and not heavy at all.
Only needed one on each star.

Up on the wall it went!
Did you catch it? This isn't the new 6 pointer. This is a fiver.
The silver fiver I used ink around the edges and the seams.
I really wish I had a shelf or ledge on this wall, but I don't.
I sprinkled stars on it instead.

They'll have to move soon and maybe I'll prop one here or there.
Maybe I'll even spray one or two of them a barn red and prop them up on top of the kitchen cabinets.
Some of them should stack well for storage if I decide to just tuck them in with the Christmas stuff.
I've also seen them done much smaller and hung on the Christmas tree as ornaments.
That might be a fun kiddo project.

This year my goal is to make one Christmas type project once a month. My Pinterest is filled with Christmas ideas. Part of the problem is space and no where to really hang things. Maybe someday that will change. I have a great love for Christmas stockings and would hang them absolutely everywhere. Most of them stayed in the box this year. Maybe next year I'll have recycled a pallet or two and have ledges and shelves off of which to hang them. Should I remember that I planned to do something Christmas related throughout the year ... I'll share!

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