Wednesday, January 30, 2013


i think i might start calling him my house boy.
he showed up the end of last week and voila!
my yard was cleaned, grass was cut, dishes done, floors cleaned.
(insert wee bit of a whiney voice)  other cultures have houseboys.

let me see.
in the past week:
blayde lodged himself another piece of chicken in his esophagus and had the opportunity
to experience the care of yet another endoscopy team.
he's been doing really well. the last time was neary 5 years ago and this time was an oops.
one of those caught by surprise and don't chew and swallow properly topped off with the
end of the flu and an irritated espogaphus to begin with.
i'm voting for the 10 year ... no, make that the 20 year plan for the next occurrence.
his gal pal, charlene, did a bang up job of text updates from the er
until i could make it there.
tia started school this week.
it has been a challenge to get this to happen.
she was doing online school, but that really hasn't worked out the best for her.
in reality, it hasn't worked out well for anyone in this house excepting the mamma.
she loves the new school.
i know. i've heard plenty of the "we never had a choice" business.
in today's world there is a choice. in my world there are many options.
finding the best one just takes some extra work sometimes.
and in my world ... it is worth it.
she also picked up a food handler's card on monday which means .....
drum rooooolllllllllllll ... she starts work on friday!
i'm very excited for her.
if i look for the silver lining in the driving kid to work and home cloud,
it's in the shape of audio books that i might have a few more minutes to absorb.
i'm nearly done with week 7 of my first online BSN program class.
next week i have one more paper to write and i can move that class over to the done side.
9 more to go.
another positive in the options category.
anna cooked up a whopping dinner for a bunch of guys monday evening.
she done good!
more on her world later.
she tends to be my rather expressive one.
i haven't seen alyx for nearly a week!
she moved out and that's what happens when everyone gets busy.
good grief.
hubby has been busy.
that is a very good thing.
i'm usually home wednesday mornings and now tia doesn't start school until 9:20.
this morning my alarm was set to ring between 6:30 and 7:00.
4:30 a.m. my eyeballs decided they should pop open.
i convinced them to close until 5:30.
at that point i just gave up and moved on.
moved on to things like laundry and income taxes.
there is probably a name for my condition.
not sure i want to know what it is.
off to work for a bit!
be back to see you friday.

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