Saturday, December 13, 2014

pallet tree

I have some incredibly dear daughters.
They send me links to things that are selling on swip swap sites ...
and have me running across town for a deal.
They send me fun crafty ideas ... and have me running out for supplies.

And is it fun!

This one is made from a pallet and some dollar store treasures. This link will take you to more detailed instructions should you need them. I sort of forgot to take pictures while we were creating.

I had several pallets sitting in the backyard. One that is much more put together and sturdy ... and then there was this one. Perfect for tree building.

Alyx and I took some paint to one side of the pallet. It was kind of a mess because I couldn't find a paint brush. Between a sponge and a rag ... and some watered down paint ... we got it roughly whitened.

A trip to the dollar store yielded all the decorating materials except for the lights. I did end up using two boxes of lights but I don't remember how long the strands were.

The original picture and post used half of a log attached to the pallet for the trunk of the tree. All that kind of stuff from around here recently went to the sand dunes for a bonfire, so I just put a little piece of beaten up looking wood for the tree trunk. Use whatever ya got hangin' around.

Isn't it just the cutest?!
To be truthful ... I wouldn't mind hanging it on a wall inside the house and skipping the dripping green needles this year.
I'm afraid that isn't going to happen, but I really wouldn't mind.

Then again .. I still don't have a tree in the living room and there is one more pallet out in the backyard!

And I've seen some other really cute ideas out there ....

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