Wednesday, December 17, 2014

snow globe trees

A few years back I found some snow globes in a magazine somewhere.
I really wanted to make them but, alas, never managed.
Those ones had liquid in them like the kind you would pick up in a store somewhere.
These snow globes are dry.
And beyond easy to make.
First you need some mason type jars.
Next some trees.
Incidentally, I finally found these at Michaels. One bag of smaller trees and one solo larger tree.
Take the lids off the jars and attach the tree to the inside of the lid with some good glue.
(These trees came with the little wood base on them.)
Allow them to dry completely before moving them.
At this point I stopped taking pictures.
Tip your jars upright and drop some store bought (Michaels again!) snow inside them.
Place the lid with the tree upside down on top of the jar and secure with the ring.
Shake until the snow is where you want it.
Too much? Open and dump some out.
Too little? Add some more.
Winter wonderland in no time at all!

A person could add all kinds of things to the scene.
Sleds, reindeer, Santa ... whatever a heart desires.
I was having problems finding such things and ...
I like the simplicity of the globes the way they are.
Loving this tree theme this year!

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