Tuesday, December 23, 2014

rosette tree

I have some craft drawers and totes of fabric and garments waiting to be repurposed.
For this particular tree, I wanted just whites and creams.

I started by tear and cutting fabrics into strips.
Then one strand of loose thread was sewn about 1/2 inch in from the edge.
(I was especially fond of this skirt at one time.)

The stitching was gathered and pulled tight enough to form the strip of fabric into a rosette.

To keep the rosettes together, I started by simply stapling the centers with one staple.

Until the stapler decided it had lived long enough and gave up completely.

Then I moved on to simply doing a zig zag stitch in the center of each rosette,
leaving long threads dangling.

Using a styrofoam base, I started pinning rosettes in place to determine where I wanted them.

At a point where I figured I had almost enough of them, I started attaching them to
the cone using my million mile tiny glue gun, always pulling the strings away so
they would hang loosely down the "tree".
As the rosettes wouldn't necessarily equally reach the bottom of the cone in the same place,
I added several rows of a tan ribbon to the bottom of the cone.
I had some trouble photographing this ...
it really looks better in live living color.

One more tree for the collection!
It might just be my favorite.

I just realized that Christmas is in a few days and I'm not done sharing Christmas crafting with you!

I'm not done baking either.
Or shopping.
Or wrapping.
Or cleaning.

I. Am. On. Vacation.

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