Thursday, December 11, 2014

trees .... trees ..... and more trees

I'm doing something different this Christmas season.
I've left nearly all of the Christmas stuff in the storage boxes.
I've decided to do trees this year.
Almost nothing but trees.
It might not look like the typical Christmas around here,
but I'm enjoying it.
This would be called something like decorating from the bottom of the closet.
Scrounge around and see what you can find creativity.
My. Kind.
A knockoff of another Pinterest find is my little stick tree.
First I took a few sticks and glued them together. I didn't bother tying the sticks, but that might look kind of neat. Nah. I just glued 3 twigs onto a longer twig and, when dry, stood them up in a silver coffee creamer filled with sand.
Then I found some little sparklies thing that were hanging around in a drawer. The little things are sold in a bunch in the wedding section at Hobby Lobby. Who knows what my original idea was with these things! I took the bunch apart and wrapped them around the trunk of the tree.
Next I added little doodads. Using whatever I could find, I started adding things to the tree.
Little pieces of home made jewelry were added hither and yon.

 I seriously hate throwing things away.
You just never know when it it will come in handy for another project.
 I might have just inherited that trait.

I looked at it for a few days and then decided it needed more of something.
So (the other part of this coming later) I added a little hoar frost in the form of glass beads to the sticks ... and some pearls ... just for fun.
My picture of it sort of stinks tho'.
You'll have to use your imagination.
More trees coming soon!

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