Thursday, May 21, 2015

a touch of alaska

take a deep breath
all that fresh air
the sound of water rushing
the thick forests of green

the sun so bright it is a wonder
there is any snow left
at the tops of the mountains
and not even the snow
will stop some from enjoying the thrill of water

time marches on and things change
often the crest of this little mound of grass was a spot for my tripod
today there is a house over this little mound of grass covered dirt

and so it was that down the road i went again
just soaking it all in
filling the senses with the grandeur of it all
there is no way to capture it

other than filling the heart with the majesty of what is alaska

oh my goodness
but i miss
its splendor
its quiet
its peace
its supreme beauty

and then there are the people

they fill the heart to overflowing

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