Tuesday, May 12, 2015

getting ready ...

for that time of year.
Graduation is around the corner and so is the tissue box.
I'll probably be putting one on every flat surface around here.
All too soon.
Until then ... celebrations are getting under way.
Not only is our baby youngest graduating from high school, a number of her friends are as well.
Read that as our friends.
We love many of these sweet young folks.
I digress.
So .. card making first.
Michael's is no longer my favorite crafting place, but it was on my way somewhere (out for a rare Starbucks coffee date with friends) one night and I found these little tags.
I could probably have figured out how to stuff them through the printer, but lately I've been having issues getting heavier paper to feed through my printer. I really need it to keep working, and don't really want to part with it to bring it in for servicing, so I just printed some large letters on regular paper.
Way back when I graduated .. a long, long, long time ago ... I don't think I could have imagined a child of mine graduating in the year 2015. Let alone my youngest child!
After cutting the paper with the date to the size of the tag, I hauled out my friendly tracing paper.
By the way .. this tracing paper has some serious mileage on it. One of the better $4.99 before the 40% off coupon pennies I've spent at my favorite [insert drumroll] Hobby Lobby.

Next up .. some Sharpie work. Nothing fabulous. Just a bit of black and a lot of lines that aren't necessarily inside the lines.
Some more writing ... add a string ...

and for less than $3.00 ... all of my cards are done.
(I even have tags left over for some other cute card ideas I found on Pinterest!)

I'll add personal sentiments and well wishes to the back of the card.
Plop it into an envelope or tie it to gift and I'm ready for gift giving.

They're plain and simple.
Totally me this year.

Next up ... some fun girl style grad gifts!

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