Wednesday, May 27, 2015

randomness on this wednesday

The camper sold and I figured this yellow really didn't match the other yellow in there ...
so I kept it.
I'm back to sleeping in a tent again when I go camping.
Somehow a tomato plant seed found purchase in the rocks and started growing.
Go figure.
It looks like we are going to have a serious harvest!

And this thing? Left over from last winter's freeze. Trying valiantly to produce.

I love blankets made of used sweatshirts.
Especially ones that have meaning.
The ones I've done have seams exposed.
The first one I pinked all the exposed seams and my hands nearly fell off from the trauma.
The second one I didn't have any shears,
and I seriously like the pinked look better.
To the rescue ... rotary cutter blade that does the job for you!

Sometime in June or July I'll get back to this project.
I'm hopeful.

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