Monday, May 4, 2015

turning the big 'un

I celebrated on of those milestone birthdays nearly two months ago.
It was a quiet birthday with family and a few friends.
My sister Jen flew into town for the weekend.
Seriously, that girl ought to just move down here she has been here so often!
We had a fun dinner of crab legs and then plenty of sugar to wash it all down.

This birthday had me showered with all kinds of fun things ..
plenty of coffee guzzling abilities among them.
This was a creative one that I thought needed sharing.
A Treasure Map.

Not only did the map have a drawing of where my feet should go in my quest,
it also had little hints.
A silver star?!
"I don't have any silver stars in there!"
Maybe not the last time I looked, but one had magically appeared.
In fact, it is still there.
Probably always will be ... truth be told.

Next came the kitchen.
The treasure was hidden a little better than this,
but you really wouldn't be able to see it if I tucked it back up in that dish.
The same brand of treasure was hidden in each spot.

The treasure map ended with this:
Our quest is done, our needs fulfilled
Your faith in treasure has been instilled
Now we ask, that your feet go up
on the couch of your choice, 'til you have had enough.

They know me well, don't they?
Fun coffee mugs filled with the good stuff, feet up and chocolate in the hand.
Maybe even a little blogging added in there?!
How long ago was Easter and I'm still working on finishing off those Cadbury mini eggs!
Don't bother stopping by.
They'll be gone before you get here.
You might want to hang onto the edge of your seat.
At some point I am going to share with you some other things
that decided to take up residence with that milestone.
Ah. Forget it.
Give up the edge of your seat and go about your business.
It's taking me longer to get anything done these days.

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