Tuesday, May 26, 2015

and the final post leading up to ...

It is in 2 short days.

You all know I have a problem.
To be honest, I have multiple problems lately, but there is this one.
I like Pinterest and spend a few minutes here and there, browsing the possibilities.
That isn't the problem.
The problem is that all of a sudden I see something that just must be made.

These really didn't take long to do.
I started with 2 frame things I had in the craft supply stash and ended up adding a few more.
Little chalkboard signs.
I really don't know if the recipients will ever even wear these things.
Maybe they'll hang them on their rear view mirror or something.
Or toss them in the back of the drawer.
But I had fun doing them.
Somewhere there is a tutorial, but it goes something like this.

Take black paper. Write on it with a white gel pen. Mod Podge it to frame. Mod Podge or clear nail polish over the top of it and let it dry. Add extra danglies if you choose to.

Seriously easy.

Don't look too closely at this one. For some reason, this was the only one I had left when I took out the camera this morning. The others were already wrapped. This would be the first one I did metal stamping on and one of the letters sort of ended up katty wompus. Is that a word?

I've been really wanting to try stamping jewelry but was too cheap to buy the stamps. And then .... a dear friend game me a gift card to Hobby Lobby. Guess which department I spent that in?!

Why not add the key to future?
They aren't anything fancy, but they were fun!

Then came the silver.
It is rather difficult to find silver spoons. I haunted some thrift stores until I decided to give it up already.
I didn't shine up the back of this one ....

like I did the front. I rather like the tarnished look better.
I'm sure it will be back to tarnished in no time at all.
Once I did these, I realized just how small my stamps were!

The spoon was flattened with some serious hammer wacks.
The handle bent around a key ring and crimped as tight as I could get it.

And yup.
I wacked that "0" a few times in different spots.
Tia won't care tho'.
Maybe that's why I couldn't find any more silver spoons!

Attach key and you're good to come home!
Did I ever tell you that we color code, or print code, our keys? There is never a doubt which key lets you in the front door around here. And I can tell which key went to which residence because they're all different prints. Works great. Don't ask me why I would have extra keys laying around for every house I've lived in for the past 20 years.

I thought maybe I could just stamp some silverware out of my kitchen drawers.
Don't bother trying.
That stuff is tough!

Two days to tassel moving, hat tossing and a fun party!

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