Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday morning ...

I didn't manage to accomplish everything I wanted to yesterday. 
To be honest, I didn't accomplish much. 
I wanted to bring my dear family with new twins some dinner and visit. 
No such luck ... wasn't exactly feeling like a million bucks. 
I wanted to muck out and clean my house. 
No such luck. 
I planned on getting a few graduation things done and managed a few with the help of some very willing daughters. 
I didn't realize I was taking over their plan until it was too late. They can take over some other planned thing. 

I had never seen a candy lei until Alyx graduated in Alaska. I've seen people looking back to buy them on local swip swap sites. We might go into business next year!

I DID make it to a door buster deal and got the graduation gift I wanted for Tia who is gone for the weekend. 

The littles were over yesterday. One of the littles' mom cleaned my entertainment center out. It hasn't been this clean since it came into the house!

This little learned to love stuffed animals yesterday. Especially Eyore. He has just leaned to walk and is doing a bang up job of carrying something half as big as he is!

This morning, because who sleeps past six on a Sunday morning anyway, I figured out how to slow an mp3 file enough to type an audio file! This will be a new one for me!

I got my car registered online and am making a list of Must Do things for Monday. Gosh. I wish I was camping instead!

And ... I slept like a baby last night. 

My dear hubby set up the massage table last night and treated me like a queen. 

I just might have a peek into the next stage of life. 

Looking right fine!

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