Sunday, July 2, 2017

365: week 22


Miniature princesses bring miniature bouquets. 

We have a lantana bush that is ginormous! Sometimes I wonder if there is a world record for that kind of bush like the world's largest rose bush in southern Arizona. When it is blooming ... we get flowers from the little people. Sometimes it might be an entire bloom like this one. Other times it will be a handful of individual petals from this ever so tiny bloom. Melts my heart every time.


Getting the crafting going!!

Pinterest and I have a relationship that is ever evolving. I pin all kinds of things, some of which I later discard in "what was I thinking?" moments. Others may take me until next year to finish. This would be one of them. My stash for Market is starting to grow!


Cloudy skies can stay all summer as far as I'm concerned! 
Love when he has a minute to share a handy trick that makes my work (play) so much easier.
Farewell breakfast with mom and dad before they take off on the long drive home. #travelingfolks

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