Wednesday, July 19, 2017

365: week 27

Costco for #easylunch. Rotisserie chicken and a ceasar salad makes for pure easy and pure good.

Nasty creature found his way into our empty aquarium. I'm saving him for Jenny when gets back from vaca.  Seriously. Those things are disgusting. I'm afraid he didn't get rescued.

Gone are the days of fighting crowds and sweating. We hit the house roof and saw not much of anything. #happyfourthofjuly

Growing me some trees .. one branch at a time.
I actually spent most of the 4th playing with crafting stuff. Working at making some wooly trees and who knows what else. But for the moment we will stick with the trees. The tutorial for the trees can be found here on YouTube. I would seriously love to go see the shop someday. While they are using wool or something very high in wool content ... mine is a little less so. The shop was out of the kits online so I worked at figuring it out myself and probably adapted things a little. 

I tried several different weights of wire and I think I've settled on something I actually like. A lot of cutting and gluing action but no hot glue gun on this project! My fingers thank the creator of the tree.

Aren't they just the cutest?! This one still needs some fabric wrapped around the tree trunk, but I plan to have many more of these coming soon.

Seriously it is like having a set of twins around. They are so cute!!

I got so excited when I saw PFD .. then remembered I don't live in Alaska anymore and it means something entirely different. Jari picked up some life vests for the little boys. Have a bit of a work in progress going on in the backyard at the moment. Hoping to have her sea worthy and needing the jackets real soon.

#familydays are the best ever. The girls spent several days, in shifts, with me rearranging the living room. It finally feels like a space that is comfortable and not overcrowded. The almost best part? I ended up with a shelving unit and a desk in our extra bedroom. It really doesn't qualify for a bedroom. It is so full of crafting business you can hardly put up a portacrib at the moment. But I do have a surface now for the sewing machine to live and it has sewn some fantastic miles while I try hide from this beastly summer heat.This particular Saturday Alyx cooked for all of us. Crockpot enchiladas which were super yummy! And the dog? She isn't ours but if the owners ever want to get rid of her? She can come here in a heartbeat. 

#keepingitreal  Double trouble with mac 'n cheese. 

That's about it for that week! I spent part of it on vacation and crafted as much as I possibly could. My plan had been to go to Heber for the weekend ... and that didn't go as planned. Maybe someday I will manage that one. In the meantime ... I'm keeping out of trouble and staying busy!

Enjoy your summer!

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