Tuesday, July 11, 2017

365: week 25


When your glasses lose one of those nose protector thingamajigs.
Beating the heat with a hot glue gun.
I'll park a mile away to get the shade of one good tree.
5:34 a.m. still counts for Thursday right?

Alyx and Tarron went to Alaska for a loonng weekend and we did a little bit of child tending over here. Dominic (bottom right of top photo) was being weaned ... doesn't take a bottle .. and really likes his mom. I will admit that I was incredibly thankful that Tia is still living at home. Whew! The first night with this little man was a bit interesting and a lot sleepless. By the time morning rolled around tho', I had him figured out. He was mad as a hornet and pitches an 8 month old fit like a raging 3 year old when he wants his mom and not his nana.

The rest of the time went famously. We got sleep figured out and he did great. Sebastian did a great job of being a big helper and he is mighty fun and easy to have around. We kept the boys until Sunday when they went to their own home to spend time with their other grandma until the parents came home.


We got this!

I have a new lens on my camera and haven't downloaded photos for a good while. It is full of pictures of these little muchkins .. Tia is a bit of a shutterbug.


Then men's section at #targetoptical. Really?!

In our quest to find out why dear hubby has had a headache for a month ... we headed for an eye exam. Checking all the boxes .. one at a time. Except for needing reading glasses, his vision is 20/20. Go figure. He does have a "freckle" somewhere close to the optic nerve that we are going to see a retinologist about. Maybe that is causing a problem?

Post retinologist - freckle is nothing to worry about. Altho' they can be melanomous (is that even a word?), his is hot diggety fine. We saw a super cool doctor. You know she's great when the pickiest patient in the entire world liked her. She learned that we had spent time in Alaska and then really wondered why he was being sent to see her. Alaska folks are tough stuff and don't end up in her chair for eye freckles. She, herself, has spent time in Alaska and is a photographer. Makes me want to hop on a house with wings ..


If I drink a pbj smoothie while reading the Christmas issue of #countryliving ...

Blended PB&J

1 scoop protein powder (recipe calls for vanilla whey ... I used peanut butter non whey)
1-2 tbsp creamy peanut butter
2 tsp raspberry jam (home made is best)
1/2 c frozen mixed berries
1 cup ice

Blend until smooth and enjoy!


Week 25 is done and over with. Almost to the halfway mark of the year. Where on this good earth is time going and what is happening to it??!

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