Thursday, July 13, 2017

365: week 26



Oops. I'm posting backwards. Post about what I did with frames can be found here. Seriously .. loads of therapy in this pile right here.


Dinner menu = mutton.

Tia has had us playing Settlers like crazy. 6 nights in a row ... 3 games each night. We may have missed a night, but we're wearing out the game this week.Who needs dinner anyway?


Maybe it would be fun to go shopping/lunching together but this ... melts my heart.

My daughter is a girl after my own heart. She's as creative and crafty as I love to be. If someday she finds a guy to share her world, I hope he'll understand as well as her dad does.


Cruising through farming country. #crafty #rugsforfun #countrylovin

This one is for you Jane! Remember all those little 2 inch squares you cut for me? I used them and cut many more to make this little rug. I have so much cow print that I don't know what I'm going to do with it all. Alyx drew me a cow spot shaped rug and I added on squares and squares and squares. Looks downright cute inside the teeped I made with some of it.


Perfect day for ham bone soup and homemade peasant bread. #theonlybreadicanmake

I use to make a lot of peasant bread. One loaf that requires no kneeding and not much of anything else but is pure deliciousnes. Fresh bread with homemade soup. 


Sadly ... a Pinterest fail. #ontothenextone

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