Friday, July 14, 2017


You looked at the title of this post and thought perhaps one of my grandbabies got ahold of the keyboard didn't you?

pinterest fail to plant propogation

I've had my eye on some Pinterest pins for a long time. The bottles were sitting under the kitchen sink waiting patiently for my attention.

So attention day finally came.

The goal was to cut the bottoms off the bottles and make some hanging candles with some cute doodads hanging off of them.

If you need a visual ...

Something like one of these but with creativity let loose in the making.

So I tried cutting the bottle without buying any glass cutting equipment. Don't tell my hubby, but I'm not sure where to put anymore tool doodads at the moment. Another jaunt through the internet will tell you to take cotton string and wrap it around the bottle. You can either soak the string before or "paint" it after it is on the bottle. Either way .. the string was soaked in acetone and then lit on fire. Smart person somewhere in my meanderings suggested having a lit candle at the ready. I lit the string. Waited until the fire had burned around and extinguished itself. 

Then plunged it into ice water. It is suppose to crack off nicely. Straight edge doesn't really describe what I ended up with. And this is the thinnest bottle I had! 

I had at it again ... and it didn't work any better the second go around.

Into the trash bin went that bottle.
On to the next one.

Well that didn't work so well either. 

I have no clue what I'm doing wrong, but that ends that little attempt!
Maybe next year I'll have me a glass cutter and have a go at it.
For now ... I'm off to the next project as there are so many of them waiting for me.
Not likely unless I lose some of my senses.

The last bottle was the recipient of plant clippings from my pathos plant.

They are sort of starting to litter every surface around here and I'm enjoying watching them sprout not only roots but new leaves as well.

I'll enjoy these while I can before they leave the house.
Maybe we will fill it with candles next time around.

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