Friday, July 21, 2017

365: week 28


Racing the clock home. My map said 38 minutes. #iwon
Adding a trip to this local dairy to the wanna go and do it list.
Inventory time again. #needtoplanbetter
I might have the best neighbor ever. #loadsofprojects

The map on my phone and I are serious travel companions. I check that thing every morning when I leave the house and every day when I leave work. Not from one campus to the other, but home at the end of the day. If there is an accident bogging up a freeway ... I would prefer to know about it. And sometimes I try to race the time. Actually, I'm trying to figure out which way is the fastest regardless of what the map says. Like 1 minute makes a difference?!

If you work in a hospital, or any place else, that does inventory ... aren't you just thrilled at that time of year? Somehow I need to plan my vacations better.

For the past week I noticed a nice size pile of pallets at the neighbors. When things get set next to the curb it usually means "free for the taking". But I'm shy. I hate to ask for anything. I screwed up courage and took Tia with me. He is a super nice guy who throws wood over the fence for us to use. Like, seriously? He's the reason I wait until a sort of reasonable hour of the morning to run power tools in the back yard. Being as his bedroom window is 15 feet from my chop saw I really want to keep the peace. I knocked on the door and he said "take as many as you like!" with the biggest smile on his face. And I liked all but one. They came home and I really couldn't handle looking at them just sitting there. They seriously were calling my name. So I started cutting them apart until so much sweat was running down my forehead that my eyes were burning and my hands had brand new blisters decorating them. Then it was time to move inside.

Off to the back bedroom and the sewing machine after finding my stash of denim. Use It Up is my motto right now. I really don't create on demand. I kind of have to be in the mood and currently I've been in the mood for making bags. I have oodles of bags pinned on Pinterest, but kind of like this one the best as far as patterns and size of bag. Seriously fun. Heavy bags that have a nice wide bottom. Good for a run to the grocer if you don't need those little plastic grocery bags to line your trash cans or hold dirty diapers. Perfect for the library ... they're heavy enough to hold a good size pile of books. Good for all kinds of little expeditions and explores.

All are fully lined. I just need to start adding pockets to the insides of them. 

Do you love the fraying look on this one? I pieced the strips together and tossed them through the washing machine and dryer before I put the bag together. Just snipped off the fraying pieces of fabric and started cutting and sewing.

The denim pile is still happening .. I'll have more opportunity to add pockets.

We shall see what the next week brings! Probably a clock ... a key holder ... an island ... an entry table ... whatever I can manage before the day runs out of hours. Whatever doesn't get managed will just hold over until the next week or the week after that.


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